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Hello, I’m Gail ~ welcome to The Joys of Crafting!

My life has been filled with so many, many blessings – some of the finest are to have had a great husband for over 32 years; two beautiful children, three wonderful grandchildren (who are truly a delight),  and parents (who are still independent and on-the-go), all of whom live relatively nearby; and many amazing, supportive and just plain fun and down-to-earth friends.  I’ve also had the good fortune to be able to retire after a career-life which lasted 36 years ~ 34 of which were for the same employer.   God has certainly smiled on me!

I’ve been crafting, in one form or another, since I was a youngster.  I’m reasonably adept at needlepoint, cross stitch and standard embroidery (both hand and machine), as well as crochet but these days my first crafting joy is card making.   As I can best recall, I started tinkering with card making in the late 90’s but really started paying attention to the craft once the kids were out of the house (early 2000’s) and I’ve been having fun, fun, fun ever since!    My mom also discovered she enjoys card making and it’s been grand to have this craft in common. Card making is also a very portable craft and since my husband and I like to spend as much time as possible in our RV during the summer and fall, it works out well.

About the same time as I was switching my focus to card making, one of our local craft stores was collecting homemade cards that were then sent overseas to our military troops which the troops could then use to keep in touch with their friends and family back home.  My mom and I regularly donated cards to that terrific cause.   Sadly, that store went out of business in 2007 and our card making slowed a bit.

After I retired in 2010, I quickly discovered that there are only so many cards you can send to family and friends (no matter how much they profess to enjoy them) and, if you love the craft as I do, you soon end up with a very large stack of cards you’ve made that are longing for a place to go….

In 2011 a couple of friends began trying to persuade me to put on a card making ‘class’ and show them how to reproduce some of their favorite cards.  I resisted for quite a while but I finally took the plunge and in the fall of 2012 we had our first gathering and I had a blast!  Since then, every few months we do it again, always using different or new techniques and tools.  It’s been great fun and a great excuse to get the gals together every now and then for a day of camaraderie, merriment, great food and a bit of creativity.

In the winter of 2012, while searching the internet for card making ideas, I happened upon information for an organization called Operation Write Home (OWH).  I don’t know that this is the same organization with whom the now closed craft store partnered but it provides the same services to our military men and women by collecting homemade cards and then sending them to stations overseas for the troops to use to keep in touch with their families and friends.  I began sorting through my stacks of cards and pulled out the ones that met their criteria (which are not extensive, but are most important – such as not including any cards that have glitter which can find its way onto the troops clothing and make them very, very visible through night vision goggles).   I am hopeful that those cards have now found their way to good homes.   Some of my friends heard what I was doing with OWH and also expressed an interest in making cards for the troops.  Now, twice a month, I host an OWH day where anyone can come and make cards that are then forwarded to OWH for distribution.   I love those days ~ it’s always tons of fun to craft with friends, especially when it’s for such a terrific cause!

While I expect that most of my posts will be of cards I’ve made, there may be some other crafty things showing up from time to time.   I hope you enjoy what you see and can perhaps find some inspiration for your own crafting activities!

Thanks so much for stopping by,


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This looks terrific! I’m sure you’ll be able to incorporate new ideas as you move along. Will talk to you soon! Joann 🙂

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