Scrappy Background

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What to do with all those scraps …  no matter what the craft, it’s always an issue if you craft with any regularity.  This week’s challenge from Operation Write Home (OWH) is to use some of those paper scraps to create a background for a card.   This is an activity I really enjoy.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have far, far, far too many scraps — a basket filled with bags of scraps of all shapes and sizes sorted by color family and a tote stuffed with more that are sorted (more or less) by size and then somewhat by color or pattern.

For this card I grabbed the ‘red’ bag from the basket, randomly chose 7 different pieces of paper and sliced them up into strips of different widths.  I prepared a card base, applied a generous amount of tape runner adhesive to the front and then just started adding the strips.  There really is very little planning to this type of background – the only rules I have for myself are to be sure that no two adjacent strips are from the same paper and that adjacent papers aren’t too close to being the same hue(?) — I’m not sure if that’s the right term or not but I want the strips to have distinct differences in their colors.

2014, 03-12 - Midweek Throwdown - Scrappy Background

Once the background strips were all applied, then they are trimmed to give a nice clean edge.  Easy-peasy!   The sentiment is called You and Me from Die-Versions (DVSS-004).

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy card!


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