Color Challenge – Teal or Turquoise


Hello all!

How lucky can a girl get?   I just finished this card this past weekend and put it in the box this morning to ship to Operation Write Home (OWH) and then I got the email about this week’s Midweek Throwdown Challenge. Good Fortune is surely on my side!  Although the paper looks very blue in the photo, it is very much turquoise.

The card is, no surprise, clean and simple.  Although it did take me a while to figure out the best way to move the pieces ….  You see, the turquoise is adhered to the white card base – even those little bitty bits.   NO KIDDING!

2014, 02-26 - Midweek Throwdown - Color Challenge - Teal or Turquoise

There is NO way I could create this card by adhering the pieces one at a time.  It would end up all kittywampus.  So here’s the trick (after a couple of other less than successful attempts). 2″ wide  Post-It tape!   I die cut the birch tree pattern (from taylored expressions) and carefully removed the die from the paper doing my best not to leave any pieces behind – whew!   Then I took the Post-It tape and pressed it to the right (or up) side of the design.  It needed 3 pieces to cover all of the paper (I probably could’ve gotten by with two but didn’t want to take a chance.)  Then I flipped the tape over and used my tape runner to put adhesive all over the wrong side of the turquoise paper.  I thought about using my Xyron, but the tape runner was at my finger tips and the Xyron was tucked away at my desk on another floor.  Next, I very carefully removed the ‘trees’ to use on a different card – yes, it was challenging with all of that stickiness going on.   I then took the tape and positioned it over a white card base, pressed it down well and carefully removed the Post-It tape.  Whalla!, a card that I am very proud of with all of the pieces neatly lined up!   I hope you like it too!


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