Color Challenge – Pink & Green


Happy Wednesday!

As I write this, the snowflakes are gently falling outside my window.   It is far too early for snow, even here in Minnesota, and it is melting as it touches the ground, but, as it falls this morning, it is creating such a lovely, serene and peaceful view that I don’t mind.  There is no wind and the flakes are falling ever so slowly and gently ….. it is truly mesmerizing.

But this is no time for dreaming the day away – it’s time for another Operation Write Home Midweek Challenge!   This time it is a Color Challenge – Pink and Green!   I must admit that this color combination is not something I naturally gravitate toward but every once in a while it sneaks in and I happen to have two cards that I believe fit this challenge.

This first card is one that I made as a sample for a card class I was hosting.  It replicates a design that those who are also quilters will recognize – the double diamond.   Once you get the hang of the folds, it is a very quick card to make.

2013, 10-23 - Midweek Throwdown - Color Challenge - Pink & Green - 1The top layer is double-sided patterned paper.  There are only two tools used – the Bright Quilting Notions double diamond ruler and a Fiskars rotary cutter.   This design can also be replicated using a regular ruler and a scissor if you have a good eye and steady hand – the key is, first, to be sure that the two cuts required for each diamond point (one that is long and one that is short) terminate at the same level so that the fold lays well and, second, that all of the pairs of cuts are spaced properly so that when the points are folded they tuck correctly.   The spacing between the cuts for the points determines how ‘thick’ the diamond will be.  Mount the double diamond layer onto a solid layer and then onto the card base and you’re done! This is ends up being a very flat card, which Operation Write Home prefers, but one that still has plenty of personality.

The second example uses a plaid paper as it’s inspiration – there is plenty of pink but there is not a lot of green in it (only one wide stripe), so I hope it still qualifies.

2013, 10-23 - Midweek Throwdown - Color Challenge - Pink & Green - 2

This card takes a bit more time, but still ends up quite flat because the image and sentiment layers are popped up to the same level using thin foam squares. I do enjoy a deckled edge for some crazy reason – you wouldn’t think so since I’m a very left-brained person and, as a rule, appreciate geometric shapes.  I happen to have a deckle blade for my Fiskars paper trimmer, but a deckled scissors or die would serve just as well.   The flowers and sentiment are from a Gina K Designs set called One in a Million. The blossoms are pink inside and lavender tipped.   They are then covered with glossy accents and have a golden gem center.  The same gems were used near the sentiment. The darker sides of the leaves are also covered with glossy accents.

So that’s it for today – I hope you enjoyed these cards.  I’m off to play with grandkids – HURRAY!!


12 thoughts on “Color Challenge – Pink & Green

  1. The intricate design looks so pretty and I really like how you implemented it into your card design! I love the soft plaid paper used on the 2nd card – both are pretty!

  2. Both cards are so pretty! i love the folded diamond- I think I used to have an old template for that cut…..I wonder if it is still around! lol You are right- it gives nice interest and texture without the bulk!

  3. Both card a re lovely. I love the look of the quilt looking card very much but those flowers against that pretty background paper of your second card is also stunning so I guess I could not pick a favorite. Enjoy your time with your grandkids this afternoon. .

  4. Such a cute card! I’m a quilter too!. Amazing how the same principles can carry over. Love the contrast in color values, really makes the diamonds stand out! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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